An  Initial  Discussion  of  the  Quest  for  Publication

A Few Episodes of Writer’s Almanac West

I wrote a 400 page memoir. Now what?

Serious about the pursuit of placing my book with a publisher, I did the footwork to find out how to proceed. Along the way I learned some things and made mental, then tactical adjustments. I am still learning, changing gears, primping parts of my strategy, dumbing down ways I’m off base or overboard.

I find the process challenging, but often fun, like a puzzle to solve. The podcast certainly angles to be informative but also to make light of the heaviness that accompanies any activity that involves rejection, hard odds and runs of bad luck. Not to mention the demand for being extroverted, out in the world, when essentially a solo artist of the written word.

And to my delight, all the information I’ve acquired is being gentled out of me by the very exceptional Lynelle Paulick, herself an editor, writer’s advocate, author of her own story and seasoned radio host.

The answer to the question posed above is also available in short form under my FAQ.

  • Krishna has a gift of combining directness and compassion, never shying from the truth. Her fearless self-inquiry challenges us to examine ourselves as well. Her acute intellect is tempered by fierce and creative forces of raw, feminine power - yet she always returns to reminding us to laugh.

  • Interesting to listen to and an enjoyable interview. Ms. Klaus is solid about her craft, has her feet on the ground.

Introductory  Installment  from  KCSB Radio’s  Writer’s Almanac West

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