Public Speaking

Krishna Klaus has extensive experience as a public speaker on many topics. She is available to present her straightforward story of addiction and recovery, or to discuss the interplay between her spiritual practice and her writing life. As she chases her aspirations to be a published author at midlife, she also likes to share her experiences of overcoming self-doubts and distractions to become disciplined in both the craft and career of writing.

A former school teacher, Krishna can speak to younger audiences about the writer’s process, and finding the strength to express your truth in the stories you tell.

  • Krishna has a way of reaching out and touching people to their depths when she speaks the truth of her own heart.  I have heard her speak on several occasions, and am drawn to a voice that dares to share what many of us are afraid to expose. 

  • Krishna has a gift of combining directness and compassion, never shying from the truth. Her fearless self-inquiry challenges us to examine ourselves as well. Her acute intellect is tempered by fierce and creative forces of raw, feminine power - yet she always returns to reminding us to laugh.

  • Something about the timbre of Ms. Klaus' voice compels me to listen closely, so many layers to take in. She is very clear in her narratives, and her speech flows in the same slightly self-deprecating but clearly intelligent way as her writing style, which to me is one of the marks of a true artist.

  • Krishna is an engaging speaker, and will draw the audience to her story and relate it to their own lives.  She has a way to get to the meat of a subject, and can take the audience right along with her.  Thought provoking, eloquent, honest, and often humorous, Krishna inspires the listener to want to know more. 

Editing Services

Krishna excels at assisting college essay preparation and has seen the impact that a fine self-presentation in writing can have on the application process. Her latest student clients were accepted at UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, NYU and the University of Southern California.

In evaluating longer works of would-be authors who seek publication, Krishna can help a writer find their voice and dare to be transparent and authentic in their storytelling.

  • With Krishna’s help, I was able to produce essays that made me very proud. They were some of the best pieces I have written, while also being greatly meaningful to me personally. I am currently attending my dream school, USC. I do not think that it would have been possible without the essays that I created with Krishna's assistance.

  • Many college tutors instruct their students to create generic pieces, carefully calculated, in hope of being accepted by their first choice schools. From the beginning Krishna encouraged me to focus on subject matter that was unique and important to me as a young individual.

  • Working with Krishna was one of the main contributing factors toward creating a portfolio of writing that allowed me to be admitted into my preferred colleges. After some workshopping sessions, she gave me edits and then worked with me on perfecting my essays. I finished knowing I would be able to present my best writing.