I  like  to  write .  I  have  a  hard  time  deleting  files .

I  thought  I  would  store  them  here ,  so  convenient .

Actual Essays

I’m probably trying to submit them but not sure where. Feel free to let me know!

Every day my mind clicks with overly aggressive observations and judgments. When I start to write them down, I find a beam of light breaks up the dark cynicism and from my complaining, critical thoughts evolves one gemstone insight. This is why I write, for the alchemical relief. On occasion, it can be worth a read, as well.



Maybe like a journal entry. 

Sometimes I give myself permission to be actively imperfect. Herein lies writing that is unfinished or not finessed. But I like it, or I can’t let go of it completely. Caterpillars in chrysalis.


My Darlings

Scraps from the editing room floor.

Many people in the writing industry know the term ‘kill your darlings,’ which means let go and delete your impressive turns of phrase, your precious adjectives, whole scenes where your prose turned to star fire. I thought I would dump some of hardest cuts from Two Sociopaths in Love here, instead of really surrendering completely.


Guest Stars

Other people’s writing that I wanted to have close by mine. 

I’d as much like to invite you to send me something you wish would be stuck here. Feels like support.